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Elias Cavalcante Filho
Ph.D Candidate
Project: "T.B.A."
Advisor: Bruno Cara Giovannetti
email: e.cavalcante at usp.br

Ahmad Abdallah Mourad Junior
Master Candidate
Project: "Does the American Investor Suffer from the Price-Tag Illusion?"
Advisor: Rodrigo De Losso
email: ahmad.mourad at usp.br

Daniel Casula
Master Candidate
Project: "Short Selling, the supply side: do lending fees predict negative future returns?"
Advisor: Rodrigo De Losso and Bruno Cara Giovannetti
email: danielcasula at usp.br

Fábio Saia Cereda
Master Candidate
Project: "The Impact of Benchmarks in The Brazilian Over-The-Counter Market" (Winner of the 2018 Anbima Prize for MSc dissertation)
Advisor: Rodrigo De Losso
email: fscereda at usp.br